Call for Applications

2018-2019 Grant Cycle  

Deadline: Friday April 27, 2018

Download the full application form here

Background: International Women of Istanbul (IWI) is a nonprofit social association of women from around the world living in Istanbul. Community-building events to facilitate friendship, peer support, and business networks are our main activities.

Helping people in need, and being involved in local causes, are important to our members. Each year net proceeds from IWI activities are directed to the Social Responsibility Fund and used for making donations to selected nonprofit charitable organizations registered in Turkey by a decision of the Board of Directors with input from members. In addition, IWI members support selected projects by volunteering and attending events. For more information on the grantees currently supported by IWI, please see Current Grantees 2017-2018

Funding Criteria:  Support is directed to social welfare organizations registered in Turkey. Any registered non-profit organization is welcome to apply for project funding if it satisfies the criteria described below. In the past, grants typically averaged less than 10.000 TL. We encourage members and partners to suggest organizations. Please feel free to share this Call for Applications widely within your network. 

Process and Timeline for Decision Making: Under the leadership of the Social Responsibility Coordinator, a committee comprised of IWI members and Board members will review every application in detail. In some cases, the committee will meet with applicants during the review process in the month of May. The committee will make recommendations about funding at the Board meeting in June, and the Board will make final decisions. Successful applicants will be notified by the end of June. 

Criteria for Funding

IWI aims to support Turkish nonprofit organizations working on issues important to its members. We are interested in enhancing our understanding of community needs and how they are being met. We strive to support organizations with volunteers and donations, as well as foster relationships to facilitate inter-connectedness between grant recipients and other IWI partners.

Working with organizations that are well run, accountable and have transparent operating procedures are important considerations to IWI. We place special importance on good communication. Funding is only available to non-partisan organizations working outside of the political sphere.


o  Project based giving: We support specific projects only and will not provide general operating support to an organization. We want our funds to make a difference to disadvantaged populations, not pay for the general administrative and overhead costs.

o  Target Audience: Projects must focus on economically disadvantaged people in Turkey.

o  Priorities: Project must fit within at least one of the following priority issues:

  • Education
  • Domestic Violence
  • Childhood Development
  • Migrants and Refugees
  • Gender Equality
o  Organization Size: We support organizations that are small to midsize, with operating budgets below 350.000 TL

o  Financially stable organizations: We look for sustainable organizations that have other sources of financial support.

o  Multiplier effect: We are interested in projects that help create stable and healthy communities that deliver broad impact to many people and/or continue to deliver results over time. We want to support projects that benefit as many people as possible.

o  Interest in engaging with IWI: We are looking for organizations that are interested in developing a relationship with IWI. This may include attending IWI events, getting to know IWI members, as well as providing information about the organization’s work for Lale (our magazine publication) and our website. We value organizations that are proactive in their engagement and communication with us, and those interested in working with skill-based volunteers from our membership.    

    Deadline: Project applications are due by Friday April 27, 2018.

    Please be prepared to answer follow up questions and/or meet with IWI representatives about your application during the latter half of May 2018.

    Decisions will be made at the June Board of Directors meeting and distribution of funds will be made by July 2018. Projects must be completed by April 2019 with a final report.

    Please direct all inquiries and applications to the Social Responsibility Coordinator, at

    Download the full application form here.

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