The International Women of Istanbul (IWI) – “From Women For Women”  - is a non-profit social organisation managed by volunteers, with a membership of women from many different countries and backgrounds. Our mission is to provide a support network for international women living in and around Istanbul. In addition, we provide charitable support for selected non-profit organisations in our community; and business networking opportunities for our members and local businesses related to women.


IWI achieves this in a variety of ways:

  • Providing a social network for foreign women living in and around Istanbul
  • Organising social programs and events (through-out Istanbul and within local neighbourhoods)
  • Establishing business networking opportunities for members
  • Providing continual support of various charitable non-profit organisations
  • Ensuring that our positive community is available to all international women
In accordance with Turkish Law, we have a legal office address and employ a legal advisor and an accountant. Our books and decisions are approved by the Board of Controllers during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which takes place every year in May. All net proceeds are donated the IWI Social Responsibility Fund which supports to non-profit organisations in Turkey. For more information about the fund and the selection process, please see Social Responsibility.

Get Involved

Volunteering at IWI is a great opportunity to meet other foreign women in Istanbul and learn about talents you didn't even know you had. 

Get Involved

Our History

Istanbul of thirty, twenty, ten and even five years ago was a very different place to what we see today.

Although the organisation has evolved over the years IWI is still here to support our members; support our community; and support our business partners.

From Women For Women


Our Charter (Tüzük)

We are a non-profit social organisation in Istanbul; managed by a team of volunteers from many different countries and backgrounds.


IWI Policies

Membership Privacy
It is strictly against IWI policy to give the membership information to any non-member of the association. If requested by a non-member, or company to supply membership data please refer them to the IWI Chairwoman ( Members are entitled to the directory for their personal use only, never for business purposes. All member information should be handled with confidentiality. Membership directories are downloadable from the membership section of this website.

Reservations : "A reservation made is a reservation paid"
Please note that when you call to make a reservation or reserve online for one of our programs we include you in the final count. If you make a reservation and do not show up the IWI is obliged to pay for you regardless. Therefore, if you are unable to honor your commitment please cancel within the cancellation period noted in the description of the activity. This not only enables us to give your reservation to someone on a waiting list, buts avoids any cost incurred being passed on to you. Reservations that are not cancelled must be paid for by the member.

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