2017 AGM Booklet

The AGM report includes financial information for 2015 and 2016; and the approved 2017 budget. Please send all inquiries to chairwoman@iwi-tr.org.

2016 Accomplishments

As we open the door to a new year, we often look back upon the past one. 2016 has been a year of positive change for IWI as we continued and expanded upon the vision Stephanie Machoi, our former Chairwoman, started over a year ago. Some of the most notable changes were:

  • Moved the IWI Office to eOfis:
    • saving a lot on administrative costs
    • representing IWI as a professional organisation
    • increasing transparency of our financials
  • Initiated the rebranding of the IWI organisation by:
    • communicating our story through the three components of the IWI (Member Support, Social Responsibility and Business Networking)
    • applying consistent graphics/images and communication through our various channels
    • changing membership from a ‘seasonal membership’ to a ‘yearly membership’
  • Improved the variety of our monthly Programs:
    • including evening and weekend events
    • introducing the Business Networking Division event series ‘Business Studio’ with interactive discussions on topics that are important for our members
  • Provided funding for projects in Turkey through the IWI Social Responsibility Fund
        • funding eight (8) Non-profit Organisations
        • totalling 70,000 TL
  • Initiated corporate partner sponsors: 
    • Acibadem
    • Marriott Sisli Hotel
  • Created additional roles on the IWI Board and Team Members to improve communications with our community and supporters:
    • Schools Liaisons Coordinator
    • Volunteer Coordinator
    • Venue Administrator
2017 Goals

As we look towards our goals for 2017, we need to consider the sustainability of the organisation. Are the improvements and changes we have made and are making sustainable? How does the organisation need to evolve to meet the needs of our members during these challenging times?

  • Enhance upon the story and brand of IWI
  • Continue to improve the channels of communication to our members through:
    • Our various social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram)
    • Redefining and/or revamping the bi-monthly newsletter
  • Provide more social interaction opportunities for our members based on their needs within central Istanbul and outlying areas

  • Keep building upon the IWI "family" environment where members feel supported

  • Expand our corporate sponsorships and partner offers for items and services our members want

  • Increase the total funding amount of the IWI Social Responsibility Fund for the 2017 IWI Grantee Applicant (over 100,000 TL has been raised from the December 2016 Christmas Charity Festival for funding projects in 2017)

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