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IWI 2019-2020 Season was officially launched at the Meet n' Greet event held on September 2019 at the Marriot Hotel (Şişli). New and old IWI members happily got together to meet with the Board (see picture above) and hear what's in store for the coming year. However, do not be shy, it's never too late to join: we're waiting for you all year round!

At its last Annual General Meeting held 22 May 2019, IWI's members elected the organization's new Board. Comprising of 11 members, it is chaired by two co-Chairwomen – Yasemin Kunze-Concewitz and Monisha Kar, and a vice-Chairwoman – Julia Özdemir. 

Yasemin (right) has over 30 years of experience with IWI, having once held the position of Chairwoman, and is on the IWI Board of Controllers. 

Monisha (center) has been on the IWI Board since 2016, and is a former Editor of the Lale magazine.

Julia (left) joined the IWI Board in 2018, and has since been a driving force behind the success of our last editions of the Wellness Lounge and Winter Festival.


"For all women of all nationalities, whether non working or working spouses, in a new city and culture, the IWI is a lifeline to friendship, culture and history, opening all these doors, offering opportunities for voluntary roles, whether in the IWI organization or charitable isnstitutions. A truly wonderful organisation!" T.T.

"I am so happy I joıned IWI! At the activities there is always a welcoming environment to socialize and bond with women from all nationalities. IWI was how I met my first group of friends in Istanbul."  W. C.

"Being new in a country is always a challenge so I was very happy when I found out about IWI.  It looked like a great organization that also had a Mums 'N' Kids group!  Having the possibility to have playdates with other children definitely helped us with our social life in Istanbul and made our experience in the new city very joyful.  It's been great to be part of it!"  S. J.

"It's been really awesome meeting great women who share a similar ex-pat journey as myself - and learning from them how to not only survive but thrive in this amazing city!" T. J.


Every month there are Newcomer Coffee Mornings where you can learn more about IWI and Istanbul. Contact us to find out more.




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