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Message from the Chair

Our new IWI Chairwoman, Karen Çiftçi, a British ex-pat in Istanbul, welcomes you to our re-designed and newly launched IWI website.

Karen is delighted to succeed and carry on the great work and leadership from Anna Ilhan, who effectively led the organization for the last two years. Karen, owner of Mine International in Istanbul, is a well-known presence in the international community.

“Upon my arrival, I joined the IWI so that I could get connected to other like-minded International Women in Istanbul”.  This website is designed from Women and for Women to help you to connect, stay informed about what's going on in our Community and how to participate in some great events for you and your family.  Perhaps you need to know how to orientate yourself in this fabulous city, to understand your rights, where you can go, and be safe, whilst enjoying life. We are sure that you will make lasting friendships, and also learn about the culture, environment and procedures in Turkey. "IWI was able to connect me and now it is my honour to ensure that you also have that pleasure too”.

"This new season of 2018-2019, we have so many fun things planned for the IWI, with a Grand Opening Event in September 2018.  This event is going to be very exciting and informative, and will unite women. I look forward to connecting with you at, either over the summer period, and from September onwards, so that we can network further, have our friendship grow, share great ideas and have lots of fun in the coming year”.

Originally from the United Kingdom, Karen's background includes 15 years of Marketing Directorship in international marketing. As president of the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals, she brings deep experience in non-profit membership-based organizations in the UK, Europe and the United States. “It is my great pleasure to bring my marketing expertise plus my membership organization management skills to the IWI, as well as my understanding of compliance and know-how to successfully grow the IWI organization”.

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