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Raising A Happy & Successful Child

  • 17 May 2018
  • 10:30 - 12:30
  • Mine Gündüz Bakım Evi, No.16 Karanfil Sokak, 1 Levent, Beşiktaş.


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Parents have the most important influence in early experiences of the kids. And that importance of our early experiences is one of the things that causes some people to go on to illustrious success while others languish, why some people seems to defy all odds and excel, while others, despite one opportunity and benefit after another, never seem to get off the starting block.

As a parent, who your child will be and how he will grow subsequently is up to you. After all, in critical first few years of life, your child isn’t just building language and communication skills – She/ he is building her/his personality. This means that your choices­ – what you say (and don’t say), what you do (and don’t do) – strongly influence who your child become. You are a key co-author in the book of your child’s  life.

This Workshop is first Workshop of the series which we are going to have in order to help parents setting up their kids for success. In this workshop you will understand why passion of your child is essential for her /his happiness. We will use a tool that will help you to discover their passions. We will talk about how to help your child use his/hers strengths more for success. Then we will look at how Your beliefs affect your child dreams and success. You will discover your hidden expectations from your child and how they may affect the course of his/her life. By participating in this Workshop you will take first step to improve both your life your child’s.

Ayla Škaljić Akın, IWI Business Member and Professional Certified Coach – specialized in Relationship & Leadership Coaching, who is passionate about learning and constant growth is going to share her knowledge about how to help your child to be more Happy & Successful.

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